About me

about me(gan)

Hi! I’m Megan. 🙂 I love Jesus. I’m the wife of a God loving, wood working man, and blessed as the Momma to 3 awesome kids– E, Z & LJ.

I love crafting. I start with one craft and end up doing 50 other crafts. I can’t stick to just one. [You may have noticed the quote on the home page– “Jack of all trades, master of none.. but oftentimes better than a master of one.” I found this quote one day when my well-meaning husband was telling me to stick to just *one* craft! (Meaning, get really get at one thing!) Clearly I have a hard time sticking to just one thing.. so this quote became my favorite. 😉  I like to sew, knit, paint, embroider.. you name it! And no, I’m not GREAT at any one thing. But I don’t mind– I enjoy what I do! <3

Before we were blessed with these crazy cool kids, I worked as a veterinary nurse. We’re an animal family. Aside from the kids 😉 We have 4 dogs and 2 cats. Yes. It’s a lot. [It’s worth it].

About the fur kids

In order from first to come to own us, to last..


  • Goose [Ernesto Gustifer]: Chihuahua Mix/Male/12 years old.
  • Joon [Juniper Louise]: Toy Fox Terrier-ish/Female/9 years old.
  • Darcy [Darcy Ann Pokey-Puppy]: Bully Breed & Foxhound mix (best guess)/Female/6 years old.
  • Rose [Rosalyn Velveteen]: German Shorthair Pointer/Female/12 years old. 


  • Coco [Coconut Mae]: Domestic Shorthair Torbie with white/Female/2 years old.
  • Obi [Obadiah Pickles & Cheese] Domestic Medium Hair Orange & White/Male/2 years old.